“what is FKOA”…

FKOA is a way of life.  This company was created off of life experiences  of Jim Filipan ( the owner and CEO of FKOA Presents ).  It is a driving force in society that has always existed and today we face more than ever, acceptance.   He was taught by his father to take the negatives and use them as driving forces of positivity and success.  So, when Jim approached his father with desires to start his own company, the question was asked ” what name do you want to use”, the name came flowing out, “Fat Kid Of America”.  It was a statement of celebrating the things that make us all unique and bring us together by the internal battles we all face in a positive way, just as he had done with his own battle.


FKOA Presents was created to give all people an atmosphere to be themselves and have fun.  Today, with over 7 years and 150 concerts the FKOA team has created unimaginable memories.  It has brought together amazing lifelong partnerships in audience, performers, brands, and generated a strong relationship with two of the companies that have paved the way, Live Nation and AEG.


In 2018, FKOA Presents joined forces with Snoop Dogg to create shows and tours that brought together cross generational and cultural audiences in all areas of the USA and Canada.  It was a growth point that took the company into a new expansive vertical.  As exciting as it was the one thing that remained and always will, is the enjoyment and goal of seeing guests smile.


2020 was a year we have all been humbled in one way or another.  The loss of life and pain felt is devastating.  We are looking forward to bringing some smiles back in the coming years.  Our partnership with “Bring Music Home” will no doubt be an event to bring out smiles.  The diversity of the tour has never been done.  It will be an honor to see you all and enjoy sharing many smiles and lifelong memories.

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